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Hear from families who have worked with Rosemary.
“I have been working with Ro for a little over a year. Under her guidance, I have received the prestigious Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship. Ro gave me the confidence to speak knowledgeably during my interview and was crucial in helping me gain the writing skills I needed in order to articulate my ideas in my essays. She is always happy to share her extensive knowledge and has gone to any and all ends to help me. Throughout my successful path in the high school boarding admissions process, Ro has been a vital friend and ally.

In addition, Ro has taught me how to uncover and share my best qualities, simply because she sees the best in everyone. Within a few short weeks, she was able to understand me on a personal level and began to recommend the BEST tools and methods to advance my education; many of these have fit my needs extremely well. On top of that, Ro genuinely cares and thinks about all; she has sent me sweet handwritten letters and small gifts she knows I’ll love – and I do!”


“Rosemary has been instrumental throughout the entire home education journey, offering sage advice that was both practical and innovative. She seems to know all the right resources and is willing to connect you with her wide circle of helpful facilitators. More valuable than her expertise, however, is both her zeal to help every student succeed and her energy to make that a reality. She can’t do all the work for every homeschooler, but she is a great motivator and enabler. Preparing the college applications was made sane and manageable with her help. Thanks are not enough for the help received! “
Deb Boyajian

“In my 7 years as a homeschooler, there is no one I relied on more for information than Ro Laberee. She helped me navigate virtually every issue that arose as I tried to give my children the highest quality home education. She is deeply informed on not only academics, but on all the extra-circulars, local and world-wide, that create a well-rounded homeschool experience and lead to a unique college application. I have lost count of the times I told her she needed to start a business because her wealth of knowledge and experience is so valuable.”
Toni Farmer

“Because of your guidance and support during the 7th and 8th grade years, I was able to create/map a solid plan regarding all facets of the homeschool high school years geared towards my daughter’s interests. Basically, i was able to “begin with the end in mind” and work backwards, taking into account what would be needed to thoroughly demonstrate rigor and excellence. I was well prepared with what was needed to complete the college application process because i had planned accordingly. I also want to thank you for your feedback throughout the high school journey and for your review of the various profile items I had to complete on the Common App. You were always willing to share your knowledge even when many others would not. “

“Sitting with my then-8th grader in the county college admissions office, it was obvious: I was a deer in headlights. Despite my years of success homeschooling the elementary and middle school years, high school seemed insurmountable.

Writing down a name and phone number, the admissions counselor gently .” suggested, “You need to call Ro Laberee.”

Since that time, for over two years, Ro has guided my family through the minefield of curriculum, science fairs, clubs, athletics, transcripts, and standardized testing – all inextricably linked in support of that ultimate goal: college admissions. She has vast experience and knowledge with a wide range of curriculum choices, from accredited and non-accredited online instruction to dual enrollment to self-study. She understands the value and place of extracurriculars in a homeschooler’s life and the presentation of those activities to college admissions. She has
adeptly advised on the choice and timing of SAT/ACT, SAT Subject, and AP exams, and how they relate to the design of a four year curriculum. She sees the big picture and the tiny details.

Ro is the real deal. I cannot imagine homeschooling high school
without her steady guidance

Russell Sanders

“We’ve known Rosemary Laberee since 2008, when we relocated to the South Jersey area. We admired her family from a distance, for they were active, experienced, well-respected leaders in our homeschool community, and we considered ourselves “newbies”—not just to the area but to homeschool education. Over time, our relationship with the Laberees evolved from hero worship to mentor-mentee to friends. One thing that didn’t change, however, is our great regard for Ro, Peter, and her children. She sets a high bar, professionally and personally, and not only does she challenge you to reach for it, she equips and encourages you to leap over it.

Our family needed that reaching that bar as our oldest son prepared to enter high school. We’d always strived for excellence in education, but we didn’t know how to navigate the college application waters. So, based on our experience with Ro as a teacher in our homeschool co-op, we began attending her Homeschool Through High School meetings. What a wellspring of information she was! Ro informed us about class selection, standardized testing, extracurricular activities, college counseling web sites, transcript development, and more. She used her own experiences, sharing what worked for her and what didn’t, to help others further their own homeschool journey. After sitting at her table for a while, we decided we should work with Ro one-on-one when it came time for our oldest son to apply to college.

And we made the right choice. Ro’s help was instrumental in helping Nicholas prepare his early decision application to Davidson College—pointing out deadlines, collecting the necessary recommendations, reviewing his essays, and supporting us throughout the process, including celebrating with us once he was accepted. She made it seamless, and we continued to work with her as we developed a high school plan for our second-oldest child. And three years later, Ro counseled our daughter through the application process to Wake Forest University—where she’s now enrolled as a college freshman.

We have entered our meetings with Ro worried or confused, but we’ve always left excited about all the possibilities ahead, for she’s extremely knowledgeable about high school, college, and career options. And she’s honest about what she doesn’t know and determined to learn. Ro’s counseling services are proven—by her success in working with our community’s children, and more importantly, as evidenced by the accomplishments of her own: two of her homeschooled children have graduated University of Pennsylvania and a third attends the U.S. Naval Academy.

Though we’ve since moved out of the state, we intend to utilize Ro’s counseling services for our remaining homeschooled children. We know they’ll receive expert care and guidance, for she is deeply invested in helping all children succeed. Ro Laberee is tireless, creative, and insightful (and funny!). We’ve witnessed how she puts these qualities to work, helping families lay out the best course of study for their young people to prepare them for their post-secondary school life. For her work we are extremely grateful.”

Eddie & Robin Pearson

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