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Rosemary Laberee

DIY Academics Can Help Anyone Who Wants to Design their Own Schooling

This is also known as homeschooling, home education, unschooling, self-directed education, and gig education. Whatever you call it, it simply means “not sending children to school”. That’s me. DIY Academics can help anyone who wants to design their own schooling for their kids, using all of the superb resources that are now at our fingertips.

There are so many, it could fill a book. Here are just a few.

Because your children…

Will get the sleep they need

Will be better nourished

Will spend more time playing outside

Will learn at their own pace

Will not be sick as often

Will be able to jump while memorizing times tables

Will interact with people of varied ages

Will have more time to explore their passions

Will be free to travel with you at any time of the year

Will have time to focus on that one special talent

Will be free of bullying environments

Will be spared rigid, obligatory curricula

Will escape the punitive assessment and testing fetish

Will be able to protect their natural curiosity

Will become the master of his own fate

Will become the captain of her own life

Rosemary Laberee

My Background

I had a career and was a human resources manager in the business world many, many years ago. I got married later in life and retired to motherhood at the arrival of our first child. Never had I planned to homeschool. I read a short article about it in a parenting magazine and it made sense to me. We tried it for a year and it went so well that we just kept on, never looking back. My degree in management and my work experience in administration and project management provided me with the single best skill set for the job. It has been a profoundly rewarding two decades and if I had it to do all over again, I absolutely would without changing much. I love helping families choose this lifestyle and love offering support to them when needed.

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