Rosemary Laberee

I am a 21-year veteran of the DIY Education life.

This is also known as homeschooling, home education, unschooling, self-directed education, and gig education. Whatever you call it, it simply means “not sending children to school”. That’s me. DIY Academics can help anyone who wants to design their own schooling for their kids, using all of the superb resources that are now at our fingertips.


I have home educated all four of my children, K through 12.

My first, now 25, graduated summa with a double major – philosophy and Russian – from an Ivy League. He works in NY in technology.

My third was recruited by Princeton and USNA (and other schools) and is now in his second year at USNA.

My second, now 23, graduated in a STEM major from an Ivy League. She works as a science writer.

My fourth, a 16-year-old high school sophomore, is in the Balkans for a year on full scholarship and will finish up high school and apply to colleges when he returns.

Their high school years have been filled with multiple scholarships to study abroad, mastery of foreign languages, international science competitions, elite athletic performance, music performance, leadership in debate and community service, near perfect SAT scores, and deep friendships local, national and international. All four earned the Congressional Gold Award while in high school.

I have learned volumes while guiding them toward excellence. I am passionate about parents taking control of the education of their children. It is not that difficult, actually. I have been helping many others along the way, as the testimonials page will reveal. Now, I finally have time to share my knowledge and my magic sauce for success in a structured way.

Whether your goal is to save money, motivate an apathetic student, jump start your homeschool, gear up for competitive university acceptance, or earn as many college credits in high school as possible – if you have questions, I’m sure I can help.

Rosemary Laberee

My Background

I had a career and was a human resources manager in the business world many, many years ago. I got married later in life and retired to motherhood at the arrival of our first child. Never had I planned to homeschool. I read a short article about it in a parenting magazine and it made sense to me. We tried it for a year and it went so well that we just kept on, never looking back. My degree in management and my work experience in administration and project management provided me with the single best skill set for the job. It has been a profoundly rewarding two decades and if I had it to do all over again, I absolutely would without changing much. I love helping families choose this lifestyle and love offering support to them when needed.

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