I read many book on this subject – habit.

If you choose to home educate, you will surely have an easier time of it if your daily habits are tip-top!  Good fortune favors the prepared mind and good habits will help prepare yours as well as your student’s.

This is a quick and tidy read. The idea of mini-habits is not a new one and the author does not divulge any new research. However, if you are serial starter – someone who is always embarking on big changes but never actually following through on any – a book like this might be of great value. The author continually returns to his own commitment to do just one (1) push up per day, because he had failed at every other resolution he made to become more fit. It was so doable – so accomplishable that it gave him the fuel he needed to dig just a little deeper, to do just a little bit more. He helps the reader see how “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step”.


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